Exhibition at the Jim Thompson Gallery

For the launch, we had an exhibition at the Jim Thompson Gallery. We we’re grandly described as the “curators” of this rather lovely event. Continue reading

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KCKP and Tum Teav


Tum Teav is a classic Cambodian story. An English translation was published by George Chigas in 2005. There are many, many parallels with KCKP. Continue reading

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Wat Ko edition in Thai


In 2013, we published the Thai text of the Wat Ko edition of KCKP, including the Afterword, maps, and most of our footnotes from the English translation. Continue reading

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The spirit of Wanthong

WatTakrai.JPGWanthong was cremated at Wat Takrai in Ayutthaya. Late in 2013, we visited the wat and noticed a shrine that we had missed on earlier visits. Continue reading

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Extract: The thirty-five convicts

In chapter 27, Khun Phaen is released after over a decade in jail so he can accompany his son to attack Chiang Mai. He declines the king’s offer to recruit an army, and instead asks for thirty-five of his fellow convicts to accompany him. In the older versions (Smith/Wat Ko), the king orders their release as if that is the normal way you man an army. The roll call that follows (in all versions, with slight variations) is rightly famous. Try reading it aloud. Continue reading

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Wondrous scenes

In old Thai literature, sexual encounters were often described with metaphorical passages known as bot atsajan, translated as “miraculous passages” or “wondrous scenes.” Continue reading

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These stamps were issued for National Children’s Day in January 2011. The cuteness of the drawings is in line with much graphic work targeted at children, and hence not surprising. But what is being shown is baffling. Continue reading

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