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The spirit of Wanthong

Wanthong was cremated at Wat Takrai in Ayutthaya. Late in 2013, we visited the wat and noticed a shrine that we had missed on earlier visits. Advertisements

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More Muangsing at Wat Pa

In 2012-13, Muangsing Janchai completed his series of murals on KCKP in the cloister at Wat Palelai in Suphanburi.

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Some characters in KCKP have a life beyond the written word, beyond the printed page, indeed beyond the confines of this world. They have entered the realm of the spirits, and have devotees who hope to tap their special powers … Continue reading

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Two wat in Ayutthaya

Most places in Ayutthaya mentioned in the text could be easily identified from the Description of Ayutthaya, an eighteenth-century account of the city, and from maps drawn from this and other old texts. Two wat proved a little more elusive.

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Old Phichit

In January 2006, we drove north tracing as closely as possible the route taken by Khun Phaen, Phlai Ngam, and the 35 volunteers on their way to attack Chiang Mai in chapters 26, 27, and 28.

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Old Kanburi

Few people visit Old Kanburi nowadays. They flash past the site on the way to  the Erawan Waterfall or Si Nakharin Dam without knowing it’s there. No sign announces the location. In truth there’s not much for a casual visitor … Continue reading

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