Tables turned: under study

When you have spent a career analyzing other things and other people, it is slightly unnerving to become a subject of study. Our translation of KCKP is now the subject of a doctoral thesis in Translation Studies.

Ace.jpgThe author is Gritiya Rattanakantadilok (Ace) who earned an M.A. in Translation and Interpretation from Chulalongkorn University in 2009, then taught translation and English at Prince of Songkhla University, and then did the doctorate at the University of Leeds in the UK. The title is “Representation of Gender and Buddhism in The Tales of Khun Chang Khun Phaen.”



Ace came to interview us in Bangkok in January 2014. She was interested in how we collaborated, and how we dealt with gender-sensitive passages, especially the Buakhli episode. She was a joy to know.

We heard she received the doctorate in 2016 and is now back in Prince of Songkhla.

She has an article based on the thesis, published in the International Journal of Languages, Literature and Linguistics, which is available here.

The article is rather good, but is on technical issues in translation, not the themes of gender and Buddhism.

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