Back in 2003, when we started the translation, I googled “Khun Chang Khun Phaen.” The hits were very few. Many of them were about a little sliding wood-block game about escaping from jail. A couple were to amulets. Only a handful identified the poem.

If you make the same search now, you get lots of hits. The content often comes from two sources: some from an English-language summary of KCKP which we did for Muangsing’s murals at Wat Palelai in Suphan in 2005; and many more from the Wikipedia page which we started in 2006, available here.


The idea of doing the Wikipedia page was partly for publicity, and in that respect was very successful. But there was another angle. Like many people, I use Wikipedia a lot. Some pages are good, some bad, some missing. If you have the knowledge, it’s a kind of public service to share it.

I had not done a Wikipedia page before, but the style was familiar from usage. There are lots of instruction sites, but the simplest way is to look at other pages using the ‘Edit’ tab and then copy. Like most beginners, I used visuals that were not allowed under copyright, and were swiftly removed. The Wikipedia volunteer staff, and some early readers, gave some useful help.

Since 2006, I have made a couple of additions and adjustments, and a few other people have added to the site. Someone kindly added a reference to our translation after it was published in 2010. Someone else added the wood-block game. Editors and bots made some technical corrections. Most of the page, however, is still the same as the original version.

I have recently done two other Wikipedia pages. The Wikipedia organization is now obviously bigger and more complex, and the monitoring is stricter and more professional. But contributing to this extraordinary institution is not difficult.

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